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Broadcasters interested in any programs produced by Black Magic Media should contact Paul Mullan with regards to the opportunities and rights.


Black Magic MediaIn most instances competitors taking part in events televised by Black Magic Media are able to purchase footage of their participation. Please contact us providing your name, event and competition number along with your address and phone number. We will respond with definitive costs for assembling this footage onto DVD for personal use only.
Indicative costs for personalised external camera footage from a weekend are $250 per car plus $11 postage. Multi day events cost $385 plus $11 postage. A promotional video (2-3 minutes), based on your footage, can be edited and supplied on DVD for an additional $825. Onboard camera vision where applicable can also be purchased with rates varying from $165 upwards depending on the number of stages or type (tape or file) of footage captured.

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